Corporate Imaged Mini Basketball Hoop

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These are not your ordinary backboard graphics.  Be the envy of all your friends, knowing that this Mini Basketball Hoop set was made specifically for you.  Custom printed in the USA complete with your custom Uploaded IMAGE and an optional line of TEXT.  Great for special moments, portraits, team shots, corporate logos, school fund raisers, and the list goes on.  Includes our new SHOT-LOCK system that finally answers the question "What to do with the ball after playing?" Simple: "Leave it in the net!" 

The hoop set easily slides on to the back of any standard door.  Enjoy hours of fun with this over-the-door basketball set in your dorm, bedroom, game room or office.

Key Features:

  • Tough 18" x 12" clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard
  • Dazzling image quality from our state-of-the-art UV printing
  • SHOT-LOCK ball storage system 
  • Authentic 9" diameter spring-action steel rim with "break-away" technology
  • 5" diameter "SQUISH" mini foam basketball
  • Over-the-door mount design
  • Scuff resistant foam padding backing
  • Simply assemble within minutes of unpacking
  • Wrench tool included for easy assembly