Frequently Asked Questions

Shoppers are passionate about their shopping experience, and we encourage our customers to ask questions that help them learn more about our product and technology. We receive a variety of questions about DNA Sports products and services; below are some frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: Can a Mini Basketball Hoop be mounted on a wall?
A: You absolutely can. Since wall materials can vary widely and be made of wood, plaster, drywall, etc. we don’t include the hardware. We suggest that you visit a hardware store and purchase nylon or metal washers plus mounting hardware similar to that used to hang a picture.  Use a 5mm, or 1/8”, Allen Wrench to remove the four (4) white door hanger bracket screws.  When mounting to a wall, make certain to add nylon or metal spacers/washers to fill the four (4) voids by the door mount bracket removal.  The spacers/washers need to be approximately 5.5mm, or 7/32”, thick.  When in question, always consult with a hardware expert.

Q: What options are available for Custom backboards?
A: Options are endless!  You can choose to upload your own background image or use our Customized Wood Imaged background.  After selecting the Custom version, then add the text in the Text section(s) at time of ordering.  We’ll make up a mock up and send to you for approval.

Q: Can initials be added to a backboard?
A: Certainly!  Simply go to our Customized Wood Image page, and add the TEXT you desire.  Be certain to specific the desired font and font color.  We’ll make up a mock up and send to you for approval.

Q: How big is the Mini Basketball Hoop?
A: The backboard is made of tough polycarbonate plastic measuring 18” wide by 12” high.

Q: How long does it take to make a Custom Mini Basketball Hoop?
A: Normally it takes one (1) business day to print, assembly, pack and ship an order.  During peak periods our processing time can take up to 2 business days.  Example:  Place order on Wednesday, the order normally ships by Thursday or Friday.

Q: What transportation service is used to ship the products?
A: We use both UPS and USPS.  Often, we use SurePost, which is a combination of UPS and USPS.

Q: Can an order ship to more than one location?
A: Each order can only ship to one (1) location.  If you desire to ship multiple orders to multiple locations, then you’ll need to create multiple orders.  We can ship multiple items to one location.